Air Vehicle Rental is an in-dealer service that allows clients to rent vehicles directly from a dealership for an agreed period of time. Vehicles can be booked for short- or long-term use. The dealer can also offer taxi-, chauffeur- or ride sharing-services at their own discretion.

The dealerships that form members of Air Vehicle Rental offer everything from budget-friendly to luxury vehicles. Clients can specify the make, model, and pricing of the vehicle they would like to rent by filling in the details on our Home page. Please take note that payments will be done in South African Rands (ZAR) and that international clients need to have the relevant, certified documents.

To qualify for our Air Vehicle Rental service, clients need:

–              to be 18 years or over
–              a valid driver’s licence
–              a valid South African passport or ID document
–              a valid visa (if the client is not South African)

Please note that the Leisure Mobility Group simply acts as a unifying source that connects clients to their relevant service providers. We do not take any responsibility for the quality of service provided, finances, or insurance.

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